Park Colonial Showflat and Prices Available at Woodleigh MRT Station

Park Colonial is the nearest embodiment of what paradise looks like in Japan. Just a walk away from a shopping mall & the Woodleigh train station in Bidadari, in Woodland Lane. On June 11th of 2017, a deal was closed for a hefty fee to acquire the condominium. The lucky owners of the real estate are a joint venture of construction & property group Chip Eng Seng Corp, Heeton Holdings and investment holding company KSH Holdings Limited. Park Colonial Condo Woodleigh is by the developer KSH Holdings and Heeton Homes.

They had to pay $700.7 million to triumph over fierce competition from the likes of Corson and Wingjoy Investment who came out in second place at a bid of $695million.Regardless of a deal being closed, Park Colonial has the government’ hands full with bids from determined developers still trying to acquire this valuable piece of land.

Park Colonial Showflat and Prices Available at Woodleigh MRT Station

In a site area amassing 210,404 sqft, the colossal building stands proudly at an estimate of sixteen stories that spread out into 6 blocks of luxury. Boasting to accommodate as much as 805 residents in the confines of their spacious condominium, the choices that future residents at Park Colonial Woodleigh will have a range of 1,2,3,4,5 bedroom units. The hierarchy of luxury begins with the choice of a compact unit, a study unit to a grand model. The grand efforts taken to see through this development have one strategic goal in mind. That goal is the one that has them hiring the best firms in Singapore to make sure quantifiable quality & luxury is guaranteed to the residents. The goal is to make Park Colonial the Shangri-La of any luxury enthusiast. Prior to the forthcoming rebuilding of Park Colonial, the current view is already one out of a travel catalog with an assortment of paradise destinations.

Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng and Heeton Homes

Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng is set on iconizing this area that is wedged between two highly expanding cities of Bidadari & Bartley. The engineering, landscaping & technology firms recruited to reconstruct this estate have not been overlooked. They chose the pedigree of each respective field The result that is to suffice is of nothing less than making this development a benchmark of innovation in Singapore. Taking, for instance, the company that will be responsible for tackling this apparently immense feat is Dragages Singapore. This highly acclaimed Singapore construction giants company profile boasts an impressive catalog of monumental construction conquests. Without going into too much detail, the likes of One Marina Boulevard, Woodlands Care Home & forthcoming Perumal Road Project in 2018 just to name a few.

Park Colonial Woodleigh New Launch at Woodleigh MRT Station

It is not enough that the condominium is located very close to the mall for Park Colonial Heeton Holdings. Making it easier for the residents to access the mall. and train station to commute to work. The realtor Mr.Micheal says .they want to create a garden within their dominion, using astute landscaping to build a peaceful, tranquil environment for the residents and people of the community who live nearby. The Bidadari park will be built in the center of their estate they also plan to revamp the Alkaff Lake that is just in front of the property. The condominium promises a vast array of amenities that are set in place to not only dazzle future residents with their luxuriousness – but also provide them with facilities that ensure utmost functionality. The amenities & facilities are set to include a spacious pool, a playground for the resident’s children to enjoy, a park just outside the estate, indoor gyms for residents, and many more linked to family entertainment and convenience.

Park Colonial is really hot property in Woodleigh Lane. If you are looking for the epitome of luxury in real estate; rent now before it gets too expensive.

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