Amber 45 Freehold Condo Former Ban Nee Chen Nursery

If you’ve wanted to move in a high-capacity, hi-tech an apartment complex in Marine Parade, equipped with everything you and your family requires for a safe, comfortable life – your new home awaits at Amber 45. Its nearness to the downtown area, well-developed infrastructure, offer all of the commodities, amenities, and services – combined with the peace and safety of a residential area. Moreover, the complex is located in a highly sought-after residential area plot of more than 69.000 square feet (formerly belonging to the Ban Nee-Chan nursery).

Amber 45 Former Ban Nee Chen Nursery

Amber 45 Condo is a truly massive complex that’ll offer approximately 190 housing units. The total projected floor area amounts to 146,701 square feet, which paints a picture of a truly massive object. The position of the complex is such that the condos have a northern or southern facing. The north-facing units will oversee the city’s skyline north of East Coast Rd. while the south-facing units offer an unobstructed view of East Coast Park, the beautiful southern shoreline, and the Singapore strait. According to the estimation, apartments located on the 6th floor or above will have a completely clear view of the island.

Amber 45 Freehold Condo Amber Road

Amber 45 offers a diverse variety of condos, geared to meet the needs and budget of a wide variety of customers. The units are divided into 3 categories: 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments or 3 bedroom apartments – there are options for everyone, from single tenants, to large families. The complex will also feature its own utility structures which is exclusively accessible only to future tenants and/or their guests. These include a complex’s own guardhouse, clubhouse indoor swimming poor, a tennis court, barbeque pits, as well as a fully equipped tennis court. This means that the complex possesses a private and safe space for socializing, outdoor activity, as well as family gatherings and entertainment.

Amber 45 Freehold Condo

Amber 45 is placed right in the heart of Marine Parade and offers a unique combination of residential area peace and downtown proximity. 2 bus stations are located right across the street. South of the complex, you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful East Coast Park, a perfect place for outdoor entertainment. Additionally, you and your family can enjoy pleasant evening walks alongside the southern shores of the city. There are a number of high-quality educational institutions for your children such as the Canadian International School, Tanjong Katong primary school, Marine Parade Kindergarten – to name a few. The surrounding malls and hospitals will provide you with every convenience and service you need – making Amber 45 truly a place to call home.

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